a life well-lived

I think that’s about the best anyone can say about someone at the end of their life.

Walter Rudnicki obit, or here for an even shorter obit. But for some insight into the man, check this out.



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2 responses to “a life well-lived

  1. BigTwin

    Rudnicki’s troubles really began back in the 60s in Indian Affairs where he oversaw welfare and community development programming – I think he earned a troublemaker reputation then which followed him into the PCO and later firing. Not sure how much he should be credited for fighting on behalf of Native people but it is sad to see him gone.

  2. shmohawk

    I can think of a lot of people who didn’t do a goldurned thing when they could’ve. Take Dan Goodleaf, fer instance. Mohawk from Kahnawake. Rose thru the ranks quickly by never taking a principled stand along the way. Your basic Pillsbury doughboy. Most people just exist. Few stand up to be counted. So I reserve my respect for those who earn it even if they couldn’t change the world.

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