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I totally recommend people visit this site – âpihtawikosisân – for a most excellent breakdown and analysis of the Attawapiskat scandal. It’s a humanitarian crisis, a story of crisis in Federal policy and mismanagement by THAT department (you know which one), a moral crisis at the highest levels in the halls of the Parliament of Canada.

It’s also  another chance for the mainstream media to re-educate itself once more (yet again) and play catch up on issues that are and have been a black eye for Canadian human rights for decade after decade. That alone should be reason enough for a long-term commitment by the mainstream media. Yet the mainstream media in general keep dropping the ball, preferring to do limited, blinkered “body count” journalism instead when it comes to Indigenous issues in Canada.

People deserve better.  The recommended site above shows how easy it can be – once you take the blinkers off.


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