just a poor wayfarin' shmohawk travelin' thru this world o' woe

Pics from INPUT 2008

Polish TV set and exhibitPart of Team INPUTMore of Team INPUTSABC\'s set at INPUTProducers and trainersTaking a breakDiscussions all of the timeQ&A w/ producer of a Mexican documentaryFollowing the Q&AUK producer and trainerCoffee and a Maclooking down the main lobby


3 thoughts on “Pics from INPUT 2008

  1. Hey Dan,

    Good to see you finally made it. Be sure to keep us posted on your adventures. And make you post more pics, especially ones with you in them. Cool site. 🙂

  2. Thanks, Amy. Howzit with you and your little one?

    This blog is a work-in-progress and there will be changes as it goes. There aren’t any pics of me yet since I’m behind the camera and snapping forward. I’ll be posting when I get a chance.

  3. Where is Sylvia, her son, their dogs, and the house?

    ….Isn’t that your shirt I see? #6 down from the top…in the background behind the man with short almost bald head in a long-sleeved shirt? YUP! I think I found your shirt…

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