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CanadaLand blog

CanadaLand blog

“Je Suis…” confused whether it’s about the right to say what you want without consequences, the right to ideas freely expressed — judiciously — or the right to not be assaulted by hatred or stupidity wearing a flowery cartoon dress.

Someone recently noted somewhere, and I paraphrase here: I’m getting whiplash with my head going one way to read this and then the other way to read that.

Somewhere in this jumble, I may arrive somewhere else and find personal peace and enlightenment.

Huge flash mobs around the globe flipped a collective bird to terrorists, and a high five to “free speech”. Power to the people. Awe-inspiring.

Why it was just the absolute perfect time and place for some of the world’s worst offenders against free speech to line up and show their mugs for “photo ops” at the Paris #je_suis_charlie rallies. Protective colouring for the Saudi ambassador, among many.

Consider that his nation recently carried out a public flogging of a blogger for the crime of “insulting” the ruling family.

Russia, Nigeria, Israel, etc etc showed up with their smiling faces as well.  Only, there’s a report they didn’t actually “lead” the Paris rally but arranged for official photo ops to take place on a heavily-policed, barricaded-to-the-public, empty side street.

How… um… brave of them.  With fair weather friends like this, who needs enemies of free speech?

Talk about brave… #Canadaland blog featured an overly long rant by Jesse Brown and Jen Gerson, of the National Post. They went on and on about how gutless everyone else was for NOT re-posting the insulting cartoons of Muhammed from the pages of Charlie Hebdo.

How brave of the them too, as neither one will lose their jobs, be flogged, or face anything except maybe — and I stress MAYBE — a mild tongue-lashing from a nobody like me for intellectual puffery.

Brown and Gershon came off sounding like two wannabe-cool kids in a playground dissing everyone else for not wearing what they were wearing. Silly, childish, pretentious, and so wrong on so many points.

Great rebuttal by #Anne_Thériault, totally worth a read at http://canadalandshow.com for the full monty.

What the world needed after all that was a return to the present, and reality.  Like the soothing balm of the #Golden_Globe_Awards. Whoo-hoo!

Red pill? Or the blue pill?

*(Correction: National Post writer is Jen Gerson – not Gershon. Apologies)


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who’s zooming who?


Real New Network - online alternative

Real New Network - online alternative

Interesting item over at The Real News about a documentary aired last year by Radio-Canada, known to those outside Québec as CBC French. The documentary, Peace, Propaganda & the Promised Land, compared U.S. against U.K. television news coverage of the Middle East – in particular stories about Israel, the West Bank and the Gaza Strip. The film’s producers explored the degree to which coverage had been or might have been influenced or manipulated by U.S.-based pro-Israeli news monitoring groups. Here’s how the producers, Media Education Foundation, describe their film:


The film's production website.

The film's production website.

Peace, Propaganda & the Promised Land provides a striking comparison of U.S. and international media coverage of the crisis in the Middle East, zeroing in on how structural distortions in U.S. coverage have reinforced false perceptions of the Israeli-Palestinian conflict.

Radio-Canada received dozens of complaints after it aired the film, mostly from the some of the same U.S.-based pro-Israeli groups mentioned in the documentary. Those complaints led to a host of mea culpas issued by (it seems) almost anyone at the Radio-Canada building in Montreal who had anything to do with the film, from the researcher to the line producer to the corporate relations office(?), which led to an “investigation” by the Ombusdman for Radio-Canada.

Radio-Canada’s Ombudsman’s report laid side-by-side with a response letter by the film’s producer should be required reading in journalism schools – and by anyone else interested in learning more about propaganda, spin and media manipulation.

One of the groups mentioned in the document, a group monitoring news for “anti-Israeli bias,” is Honest Reporting, which has a Canadian-based operation as well.

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seven jewish children


Seven Jewish Children, a play for Gaza

Seven Jewish Children, a play for Gaza

Yesterday morning, I listened to a ten-minute radio play that reminded me why I admire theatre. It shocked me. It made me think. It made me remember. It left me emotionally tingling.


Written by Caryl Churchill, a Brit who went to school in Montreal, it is an outpouring of feelings as thoughts from children to each other, from parents to children, and so on. The BBC won’t run the 10-minute work called “Seven Jewish Children: a play for Gaza” because it said the play wasn’t impartial. Of course, good art – good theatre – isn’t supposed to partial.

“Seven Jewish Children” played in Montreal the other day. CBC Radio ran the play after interviews with people pro and con.

Jewish groups condemn it as anti-semitic, although they don’t call Caryl Churchill an anti-semite. They call the play a blood libel, a piece of anti-semitic propaganda, and not a play or theatrical art.

Defenders of the play call Churchill’s play an indictment against the invasion of Gaza by the State of Israel late last year, and “typifies what the stage does best: address the world as it is right now.”

Here’s a page with plenty of debate and comment for and against.

Make up your own mind. The play is available here to be read (PDF); or viewed online.


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